Our Proposed Mission and Value Statement

Our Proposed Mission and Value Statement

We are considering adopting a vision statement for our group. Here is the proposed statement. Please let one of our pastors know if you have any input. Thanks

Proposed GAMA Purpose Statement

The GAMA exists to:

  • Pray for and encourage one another;  
  • Celebrate and share ministry successes and resources;  
  • Offer support and encouragement in times of crisis to the people of our community; 
  • Serve as a means of communication about other ministries, community events, social services, and other matters of interest within our churches, Galax, and the surrounding communities. 


1. Prayer with and for one another as well as for our community and the advancement of the Gospel.

2. Fostering social contact and Christian fellowship among area clergy and their families.

3. Our theological guidelines are contained in the truths of the Apostle’s Creed.

4. We do not covenant to implicitly endorse each other’s denominational or personal beliefs.

5. We join together to speak with a consensus voice to government, public institutions and businesses to ensure avenues for each congregation to function most effectively within our community.